Madeira Weather...

Sunny today?

Being an island surrounded by ocean, Madeira has a temperate maritime climate: there are no huge swings between the seasons although they are still distinct. This explains why you will find flowers here at any time of the year. Typical average temperatures range from 24ºC in the summer to 18ºC in the winter.

There are regional variations. The prevailing wind is northeasterly, making the north of the island less sunny and wetter than the south. The southwest is reputed to have the best weather of all. Then of course there is the altitude — Madeira is a mountain range and the higher you go, the chillier it becomes. What may be a balmy day on the coast can be a bracing day in the peaks, but don't let that put you off; some of the best views are in the mountains, so go prepared and dress accordingly.

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