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Flights to Madeira from the UK Airports

Madeira Island is one of the UK's favourite winter destinations as in Madeira it's always summer — with an average winter temperature of 20ºC (or 68ºF), its famous gardens and parks are always in bloom and the famous Madeira gourmet bananas grow throughout the winter months.

Madeira and its nearest neighbours, the Canary Islands, are Europe's only winter sun destinations. Madeira is located south of the UK, just off the west coast of Africa. Flights to Madeira from the UK take about three and a half hours. 

Madeira is possibly Europe's most crime-free area, and with its beautiful old capital city, Funchal, it is known for its cleanliness and is one of the world's busiest liners ports.

Below is a list of all the UK airports with flights to Madeira.

UK Airports with flights to Madeira

  • Birmingham Airport - Jet2 and Monarch
  • Bristol Airport - Easyjet
  • East Midlands Airport -
  • Gatwick Airport - Easyjet and British Airways
  • Glasgow Airport - Jet2
  • Leeds Airport - Jet2
  • Luton Airport -
  • Manchester Airport - Jet2
  • Newcastle Airport -

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