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Madeira is an island blooming with flowers and events. There is an interesting event almost every month to delight both tourists and the local population. Some of them are even known worldwide, as is the case of the Flower Festival or the New Year's Eve Fireworks. Curious?!

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Singing of the Kings (Cantar os Reis) – 5
The Singing of the Kings (Cantar os Reis) captures the enchanting spirit of a Madeiran celebration through melodies and songs. This festive event takes place on the 12th night after Christmas, when troupes stroll through the streets, serenading joyful tunes from door to door. Local musical groups gather in the heart of Funchal at the Jardim Municipal Auditorium to perform lively traditional carols that add to the festive atmosphere.

Madeira Orienteering Festival (MOF) 2025  10, 11 and 12, 2025
Madeira Orienteering Festival (MOF) is an event that is part of the Foot Orienteering Portugal calendar and organised by the Funchal Mountain Club (Clube de Montanha do Funchal). This three-day world-ranking event consists of three middle-distance routes through the picturesque mountains and a sprint course. Every year, MOF is held in a different location on Madeira Island, adding variety and excitement to the event.

Madeira Orienteering Meeting (MOM) 2024 – Montado do Preiro/Poiso  20-21 
Madeira Orienteering Meeting (MOM) is a nature sport event organised by Clube Aventura da Madeira. Spanning two days, this competition features two middle-distance routes set amidst the scenic mountains of Madeira Island.

Funchal Marathon – 21
This sporting event is coordinated by the Madeira Athletics Association and features three different competitions (a marathon, a half marathon, and a mini marathon). This competition attracts participants from all over the world thanks to the spectacularly beautiful trails they run on.

Panelo Festival – Chão da Ribeira, Seixal – 27-28
This is one of the oldest festivals in the Seixal municipality, taking place annually on the last Sunday of January in Chão da Ribeira and centred around the preparation of the municipality's signature dish, which is similar to a stew but is made from cabbage, pork, and local sausages cooked in enormous pots over open fires.


Festa dos Compadres – Santana
– 1st, 3rd, 4th and 8th
Festa dos Compadres has been held on the weekend before Madeira's Carnival for the past half-century. Santana, located in the northeast of the island, hosts this celebration with a parade of decorated floats, troupes in traditional costumes, and musical entertainment. Giant figurines are openly mocked, judged, and joyfully burned as the actors perform comedic sketches about social and political issues. Espetada and bolo do caco, two of the island's most well-known culinary creations, are available at a number of different stands.

Madeira Carnival Festivities – 7-18 February, 2024 (Solidarity Parade 9th, Main Parade 10th and Fun Parade 13th)
Madeira Carnival is an extravagant bonanza, celebrated in the capital, Funchal. Costumes, music, food… Everything you could ask for is here. No costume is too crazy for this beautiful Carnival!

Happy Valentine’s Day – 14th February
Spend this Valentine's Day on Madeira Island doing something truly special. Find the ideal hotel for a romantic getaway and start making memories that will last a lifetime. Amidst the breathtaking beauty of Madeira's landscapes, let love flourish as you embark on an enchanting journey with your partner. Discover hidden coves, indulge in intimate dinners with ocean views, and create cherished moments that will become the foundation of your love story. Choose from a selection of handpicked hotels, each offering its own unique charm and luxury, tailored to make your romantic getaway unforgettable.

Porto Moniz Trail – 18th February
If you're looking for a sporting event where you can have a good time while competing with others and taking in some of the world's most stunning scenery, look no further than the Porto Moniz Trail. This event offers three different distance options (Short Trail, Ultra Trail, and Long Trail) so that runners can experience the beautiful Laurissilva forest in the municipality of Porto Moniz. Runners will traverse the forest on footpaths and levadas, focusing on the Fanal, Estanquinhos, and Chão da Ribeira areas.


Earth Hour Funchal Race – 28
Prepare for Funchal's annual 'Earth Hour Night Run.' Organized by the Madeira Athletics Association, this 2.9 km race draws island-wide participants. All age groups are welcome, so seize the chance to shine a light on 'Earth Hour' and join the enchanting spectacle as Funchal twinkles with a thousand candle flames.


Lemon Festival (Festa do Limão) Ilha – Santana
Santana, in the parish of Ilha, hosts an annual Lemon Festival.
The farmers of the area display their wares with pride, and there are many stands selling cakes and traditional foods that prominently feature this ingredient.

Madeira Island Ultra Trail (MIUT 2024) – 25-28, 2024  
Madeira Island Ultra Trail, commonly known as MIUT, is an annual event promoted by Clube de Montanha do Funchal. Already considered one of the main international trail events, it attracts participants from all over the world. It consists of a sea-to-sea trail race across the island, from Porto Moniz (northwest) to Machico (southeast), crossing the highest mountain peaks in Madeira, Pico Ruivo and Pico do Areeiro. Participants, who cannot endure these 115 km, may choose shorter circuits: the 85 km of the “Ultra”, the 42 km of the “Marathon” or the 16 km of the “Mini”.


Madeira Flower Festival – (Children's Parade "Wall of Hope" 4th and "Flower Parade" 5th) Celebrations 2-26 May, 2024
The Madeira Flower Festival attracts thousands of visitors from all around the world to witness what is, arguably, one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see! Fresh flowers flood the streets and a delicate fragrance fills the air. If you choose to visit Madeira, make sure you attend this event. It is not to be missed!

Madeira Classic Car Revival – Praça do Povo – 24-26, 2024
The Madeira Classic Car Revival is an annual automobile event organized by the Classical Car Club of Madeira, taking place at Praça do Povo. The event features a wide variety of classic cars, motorbikes, bicycles, buses, firetrucks, police vehicles and more.


Atlantic Festival Fireworks Competition
This breathtaking festival boasts some of the most impressive firework displays you will ever see. Combining fireworks with the best classical music creates a feast for your eyes and ears!

Medieval Market – Machico
Immerse yourself in Machico's history at the 'Medieval Market - Mercado Quinhentista.' Celebrating Machico's discovery, it's a vibrant spectacle with 16th-century enactments, horseback displays, fire eaters, and live performances. The procession, commemorating Madeira's discovery, is a highlight, as the first ship graces Machico's harbor. Jugglers, knights, and artisans fill the medieval market, where stalls offer gifts, pottery, and wickerwork. This family-friendly event comes alive through this Machico live webcam.

Festival of the Popular Saints (Festa dos Santos Populares) – 12th-29th
Experience Madeira's beloved Festa dos Santos Populares, which also marks the start of summer festivities for all Madeirans. The streets of Funchal come alive with parades honouring three saints: Santo António, the saint of love (12–13), São João, the patron saint of Porto Santo (15–25), and São Pedro (28 June–2 July), the patron saint of fishermen in the lively Câmara de Lobos and Ribeira Brava parishes. Fireworks displays, music, bonfires, food stalls, and plenty of local gastronomy to sample are among the festivities.

Festa da Cereja (Cherry Festival) – Câmara de Lobos, Jardim da Serra
Each year in Câmara de Lobos, the sweet, fruit of the cherry tree is the star of the cherry festival, with the parade, food stalls, and music keeping you entertained for hours.

Ultra Skyrunning Madeira
Madeira stands as the pinnacle of Ultra Sky Marathons, offering dynamic landscapes, steep climbs, and technical challenges. With around two hundred participants from twenty-one countries, this 'technical race' gained local popularity since its 2004 inception. Organized by FCMP and Santana Sports Club, it features the 55km Ultra Sky Marathon (USM), 20km Santana Sky Race (SSR), 13km Mini Sky Race (MSR), and the demanding 4.8km Santana KM Vertical Race (SVK). The SVK begins at dawn, while the other races start late afternoon, leading runners through the night to greet a radiant sunrise above the mountains. As a competitor remarked, "It's incredible where your feet can lead you!" This race uniquely offers a journey above the clouds to welcome a fiery new day.


Madeira Day – 1 July
Madeira celebrates its independence from mainland Portugal on July 1, which was granted in the Portuguese Constitution in 1976. This regional holiday is celebrated throughout the Autonomous Region of Madeira with official ceremonies, various activities, and concerts.

Madeira Big Game Fishing – 4th July
Madeira Big Game Fishing is a unique experience, offering anglers to catch some of the world's largest fish. This competition is part of the Blue Marlin Fishing World Cup, which takes place every year on July 4th. Participants in this event will not only have the opportunity to catch some of the most impressive fish on earth, but they will also compete against other anglers from around the world.

Funchal Jazz Festival – July (Municipal Gardens) and July (Parque de Santa Catarina)
Jazz fans flock to this festival, which is already a reference in the jazz world, taking place annually at Parque de Santa Catarina, in Funchal. In addition to the main Jazz concerts at Santa Catarina Park, there will be free Jazz concerts at the Municipal Garden (Jardim Municipal).

Madeira Summer Opening – Parque de Santa Catarina
Madeira Summer Opening is an annual outdoor Music Festival held at the Santa Catarina Parque in Funchal. This three day event combines great music and lots of nature fun activities. For tickets visit the following shops: Fnac, Forum Madeira, lojas Worten, Ctt


Madeira Wine Rally (European Rally Championship)
If racing is your thing, visit Madeira in August to witness some of the best rally car racing in Europe!
Rally cars conquer the scenic beauty of Madeira in a three-day spectacle during the annual Madeira Wine Rally. This premier event lures European contenders to tackle the island's challenging terrain, testing their prowess amidst mountains, winding roads, and unpredictable weather. Fans gather to witness their skillful driving as this event ranks high in the FIA European Rally Championships.

Funchal City Day – 21
August 21 marks Funchal City Day on Madeira Island, celebrating its city status with ceremonies, events, and a joyful atmosphere that reflects the island's rich history and culture.

Madeira Wine Festival – Shows and Exhibitions in Funchal and Câmara de Lobos – August 31 to September 17, 2023
This festival commemorates Madeira's wine-growing roots with traditional old-style wine making processes, such as the treading of grapes, along with many other activities. Any wine lover cannot afford to miss this!


Columbus Festival – Porto Santo Island – 21-24
This festival celebrates the life and adventures of the famous navigator Christopher Columbus, who lived in Porto Santo for a couple of years. The festival takes place on Porto Santo Island itself, with various activities taking place, the highlight being the re-enactment of Columbus' arrival at Porto Santo Harbour.

World Tourism Day – Funchal – 27
On World Tourism Day, Madeira highlights tourism's significance with festive activities. Funchal's adorned streets, free garden and museum access, cultural performances, and warm greetings at the airport make for a vibrant celebration.


Madeira Organ Festival – 1-31
Within the cultural celebrations of Madeira, the Madeira Organ Festival highlights Portugal's timeless organ music. This event features nightly recitals in picturesque Madeiran churches held every evening for ten days in October, showcasing meticulously restored 18th and 19th-century organs from Portugal, Italy, and England, with classical musicians and solo artists enhancing the performances.

Madeira Nature Festival – 3-8, 2023
The Madeira Nature Festival offers participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the island's natural beauty and cultural heritage, providing captivating insights into its various aspects. Participate in exhilarating escapades that encompass activities such as paragliding across mountainous landscapes and sailing the vibrant Atlantic Ocean, providing enjoyment for individuals of all age groups.

Lord of Miracles Festival Machico – 8-9
The annual Lord of Miracles Festival in Machico, Madeira Island, is a time-honoured tradition that holds deep spiritual significance. Pilgrims from across the island gather for reverent candlelit processions and solemn ceremonies, fostering a strong sense of community and devotion. This heartfelt event serves as a poignant reminder of the region's rich cultural heritage and enduring faith.

Happy Halloween – 31
Halloween, like in the United Kingdom and North America, is widely celebrated in Madeira. Children dress up and go trick-or-treating in their neighbourhoods; shopping malls join in the fun; and themed activities are held at the Madeira Magic Park. Halloween is celebrated in grand style in the city's bars and clubs.


Chestnut Festival (Festa da Castanha) – Curral das Freiras – 1st November
Celebrate the Chestnut Festival (Festa da Castanha) on November 1st in Curral das Freiras, where this rural paradise pays tribute to abundant chestnuts. Embrace local culinary traditions and cultural richness.

Funchal Weddings & Parties ‘Funchal Noivos & Festas’
The Weddings Fair "Funchal Noivos & Festas" will be held at the VidaMar Congress Center - Hotels & Resorts (Centro de Congressos VidaMar - Hotels & Resorts). The three-day event, organised by the Funchal Trade and Industry Association and the Madeira Chamber of Commerce (ACIF-CCIM), includes workshops, video sessions, fashion shows, make-up demonstrations, and more, showcasing both national and international talent, with the goal of promoting Madeira as an ideal wedding and honeymoon destination.


Madeira Christmas Lights
– 1st December 2023 - 7th January 2024
From December to early January, there will be fantastic decorations and exhibitions all over Funchal. (Market Night on 23rd)

End of the Year Madeira Festivities 31st December The Grand Finale New Year's Eve Fireworks
Madeira celebrates the festive season in style, and when we say in style, we mean it! Mind-blowing firework displays, street parties and people flooding through the streets to celebrate. Madeira is the perfect place to celebrate your Christmas or New Year, and make it one to remember!

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