Madeira Island...

Sea, sky and everything in between!

Madeira is a safe haven from today's modern society. Just a short traveling distance from most European major cities, the island offers superb accommodation, fantastic scenery and an escape from all that is unpleasant in the coastal mass-tourism. The capital Funchal is renown as much for its food as it is for its clean, crime-free streets.

So now you’re wondering: Where is Madeira? You’ll find this small piece of paradise in the Atlantic Ocean, just northwest of the Canary Islands and a little further away from Africa, which gives it the balmy summers and warm winters it's famous for... the ideal holiday destination all the year round.

Stay tuned if you want to know what's happening in Madeira over the coming months and browse through our guide for both general and specific information, including flights, accommodation in the best hotels on the island, galleries with photos of beautiful places and Madeira’s main events, suggestions of leisure activities, such as levada walks, big game fishing and much, much more...

Our maps will help you find your way around the island, and after understanding its climate, of course, what better way to check it out than through our Live Webcams!


From the Port of Funchal and The Ritz Madeira

Where to Stay!

South, coast or mountains

  where to stay in Madeira